zondag 26 juni 2016

Here I Am Again!

It has been a long time since my last post. Sorry for that!
Today there's a new story - or an old one, if you like.

Middelburg, Abbey with Museum of Zeeland (Zeeuws Museum) 

The former Abbey of Middelburg became the center of the Governement of Zeeland, after long years of struggle and warfare against the Spanish, back in the 16th century. Proud of their victory, the rulers of Zeeland decided to order a series of six enormous tapestries for their assembly hall. With lots of good luck those tapestries have survived the last more than 400 years, so they can be shown today, still in the former Abbey, at the Museum of Zeeland (Zeeuws Museum).

Zeeland Tapestry "The Battle at Fort Rammekens" (detail)

Here's a detail of the Battle at Fort Rammekens, with the skyline of Middelburg on the background.
Often, when I am in the Hall of the tapestries, I wonder about how Hendrik Vroom, the painter of the draft, came to his perspective. It is known that he travelled to the places he was going to paint, that he interviewed eye witnesses, listened to the stories, and he hired ships to sail out, so he can investigate the shorelines and sites. His bills to his clients give a good picture of his expenses!
But what about the perspective?
My guess is, that he must have climbed into the craw's nest to make his sketches!

However, on the lucky days when I can go on a "little trip along the coast"  with one of my friends of the AeroClub, I not only enjoy flying, but I also think of Hendrik Vroom. I am almost sure, if there had been planes, he would have hired one, just to get his sketches right!

From the air, you can still see the old coastlines, sometimes silted today. And polders where great harbours used to be. And harbours, which became peaceful marinas in our time.

Fort Rammekens (remains) 
Vlissingen (Flushing)