dinsdag 10 maart 2015


As you know (or maybe already have suspected): I work as a guide at the Zeeuws Museum (which means "Museum of Zeeland") in Middelburg (The Netherlands).

Located in the former Abbey of Middelburg, it is a surprisingly modern museum. It has got the necessary amount of history (it's a museum!), but also with a healthy connection to the present, and if ever possible even with the future in mind. 

Today we got the message that the Zeeuws Museum has been nominated to win the Museum-Price!
This year's category is "The museum that tells the story of a place or region in the most attractive way, and which appeals to a broad audience".

Well, today I would like you all to vote for the Zeeuws Museum!
 It is not because it is my WORK, or  because I LIKE MUSEUMS, or because I LOVE ZEELAND...
it is because it is a

fantastic museum

with attractive programmes for all ages, great and unique historic features, and that little extra, the "wink" to the present and to the future!
(and, of course, because I love Zeeland, and I like museums, and I am happy to work there!)  :-)

So, dear readers all over the world: please vote for the Zeeuws Museum!

And please share it with your friends, all votes are welcome! 

Here you can find more information about the Zeeuws Museum (homepage)

vote here

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