maandag 21 juli 2014

Short Report of a Day at the Set

All models, props, requisites and lots of water are settled near the quai of Veere. 
The sailing event of the historic fishing boats - Van-Loon-Hardzeildag - has not yet begun. 
It is going to be a hot day, 33° C (or 91,4° F) , and there is hardly any wind. 

We are going to have a fotoshoot of the knitted fishermen's jumpers of Zeeland, made of... wool! 
In some cases even knitted of wool from Iceland, which has got a wonderful insulating quality...

And we are happy to have Louis Drent of Louis Drent Fotografie as our professional photographer,
to whom I am happy to function as a personal assistant, "prop manager" and "carrier of the light" :-)  
on a day like this. 
There is not much time and opportunity for me to take photo's, but here are a few impressions: 

Silence at the set.
Briefing of the models.

And after the shot: as quickly as possible get rid of any unnecessary clothes!
Big compliment to the girl in the traditional dress of Arnemuiden,
who wears an underskirt, a black woollen skirt and a big apron...  :-) 

In the meantime the sailing competition has begun. 
Still, hardly a breeze...

Hours later:
the final set... no Dutch theme without a "fiets" (a bicycle),
but to get it right you have to practice... 
and practice again...
and again...
before you put on the jumpers! 

And I guess I have to practice, practice again, and again to get this photo anywhere near "right"
perfect imperfection! 

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