woensdag 6 augustus 2014

"You and Your Museum" Project 2014

Dear Postcrossing friends,
I think I have neglected you for some time!
As you might know, begin 2014 I have started a Postcrossing project: "You and Your Museum".
(you will read about it in my profil, or maybe you already have...)
High time now to share some experiences!

When I started postcrossing in 2011, one of my first postcards ever received was a card from a museum:

Salinen-Museum Halle, (D)

The chandelier is made of salt covered willow branches, and the card comes from the Saline Museum in Halle, Germany.
Every now and then people sent stunning museum postcards with art and artefacts from all over the world, maybe because I have told in my old profile that I am interested in culture, history, art and textiles...

Bill Viola: The Greeting
De Pont, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tilburg (NL)
Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Xian (China) 

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, (GB)
Casa Tivadar
Open Air Museum Maramures (RO)

I must admit: I love museums. The small and the big ones, hot spots or secret, big and shiny or hidden. 
And by starting the project I asked people to take me on a tour to their museum, invited them to share their favorites and to tell me about their relationship to museums.
To my great surprise, since then I receive the most diverse museum cards every week!
A great compliment to all fellow postcrossers who contribute to my project so thoughtfully and with love. 
Even if you haven't got a museum card at hand, often you contribute with a story! To me, your thoughts are surely as meaningful as the photo on the card! So if you tell me about the museum of your village, or your dream of your "Night at the Museum", your card will also be a part of my "Museum of Museum-cards".

Only the thought of what people want to "keep" and see over a thousand years in a museum seems to be a bit inconvenient. Still, if you agree to go go on that imaginary journey into the future and look back, I'd be happy to know! 

And sometimes it happens that a whole "tsunami of love" hits my mail box! 
Glass Button and Jewelry Museum
Jablonec (CZ)

Africa Museum, Tervuren (B)
A complete collection with
a real vintage postcard, a recent postcard,
a ticket and a special stamp
From Ireland the wonderful Celtic Harp 2014 Europa stamp
(I have voted for this one :-)  )
and Art Photography from three different musea of three different countries! 

Is there a museum I dream to visit?
Yes, sure, there are a few, for various reasons...
but there are still so many museums I don't even know that they exist!
So, I stay curious and I hope to learn much more!

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